Stories for bedtime

Stories for Bedtime

Hello! Welcome to Stories For Bedtime, where fantasy becomes reality! Are you looking for a special and magical story for your child? Then you are in the right place!

We create customized children’s stories that take the children to worlds full of wonders, adventure, and magic.

How does it work? Fill out the questionnaire, and our AI system gets to work to create a personal and unforgettable story in which your child plays the lead role!


Simply fill in the name, age, and gender of your child. Then choose the subject of the story that you think your child will love.

Our Magic

Our advanced AI system gets to work for you right away. With care and creativity, a beautiful read-aloud story is created that is specially written for your child.

Quick & Easy

Within 15 minutes you will receive the unique story in your mailbox, ready to read before bedtime, or at any other time of the day!

The Magic of Personalized Bedtime Stories

Imagine: the evening falls, your child crawls snugly under the blankets, waiting for that special read-aloud moment. But this story is different; it’s an adventure in which your child plays the lead role, full of recognizable details and surprises. In a world of general stories, a personalized story offers a unique moment of connection, affirmation, and magic between you and your child.


Each story is customized. Your child is central in his or her own story, which makes reading aloud even more special.


Thanks to our advanced AI system, we guarantee high-quality stories, rich in imagination and adventure.



No hours of searching for the perfect story. Personalize, order, and receive your customized read-aloud story in no time.

A Year Full Of Magical Moments!

Imagination knows no bounds, and with our annual subscription, your read-aloud adventures don’t have to either. Treat your child to a unique story every evening, specially created for him or her. From epic adventures to heartwarming stories, create a unique story 365 days a year. In a world where every moment counts, make sure bedtime becomes the most magical moment of the day.