Trientje the Brave Princess

by | Stories for bedtime

Once upon a time, there was a little princess named Trientje. She lived in a big, colorful castle in the middle of a forest full of magic and wonders. Trientje always wore a soft pink dress and had glittering silver shoes.

Every day Trientje played in the castle garden, where butterflies danced and flowers sang. She loved to hide behind the rose bushes and listen to the stories of the older flowers.

One day, while Trientje was playing, she heard a soft cry. She followed the sound and found a small, sad dragon. “Why are you crying?” asked Trientje.

The little dragon looked up with watery eyes and said, “I lost my mommy.”

Trientje thought for a moment. “Tell you what,” she said, “I’ll help you find your mommy!” Together they went on an adventure. They climbed hills, walked through dark forests and crossed babbling brooks. Along the way, they met all kinds of magical creatures who helped them.

After a long trek, they saw in the distance a large mountain of smoke. “That’s where my mom lives!” cried the little dragon happily. Trientje and the little dragon climbed to the top of the mountain. There they found the mama dragon, who was overjoyed to see her little one again.

“My brave little princess,” the mama dragon said to Trientje, “thank you for helping me find my child.”

Trientje smiled. “Friends help each other,” she said.

The little dragon gave Trientje a gentle hug and together they returned to the castle, where a great feast was held in honor of the brave little princess.

From that day on, Trientje and the little dragon were inseparable and had many more adventures in the magical kingdom.